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    Interested in reading one of my plays send request To my Contact Or Find my plays at New Play Exchange HERE 

    My Play Shouting Down A Quiet Life will get its Premiere at Rover Dramawerks in Plano, Texas December 2019.


    My one-act FOR ABBY is getting it's London Debut in October 2019 with the Sky Blue Theatre's British Theatre Challenge. See HERE   

    Full Lengths 

    St. Helena's (2W,1M)                     

    It’s 1972, on the secluded island of St. Helena's, South Carolina, where an Austrian is hiding a secret of his Third Reich past while having an affair with a woman of Gullah descent another secret he must hide.   But then a  young woman comes to repair his rotting dock and upends the secrets and lies discovering for herself sex, love and stolen art. 

    Shouting Down A Quiet Life (2W,3M)

    Emmett Fludd is a professor of archeology at a small college in the South. For thirty years he has held the truth about his past from his family and himself.  But when his past comes back to confront him, he is forced out of his silence and will discover what his quiet has cost himself and his family.

    PALMETTO  (4W, 4M)

    A play within a play containing three intertwined storylines of both time and structure: A prominent and influential theatre company that has made its mark in the world by doing plays by writers of color chooses to do an exciting new play about the Underground Railroad only to learn that the playwright is not who they thought she was.  A young couple, runaway slaves, struggle their way north to Canada and discover what freedom really means to each other.  A young boy, born into slavery, posses an art unlike any other and, who with his art, takes a journey that lifts him above his tortured bondage.  

    One Acts

    Make John Patrick Shanley Go Home (3W )
    At a restaurant/bar in New York City, three sisters arrive for what they hope to be a nice dinner out.  But with no bread on the table, or Calamari on the menu and a famous playwright at the bar, tonight there will be a whole lot of stomping, finger-pointing and bully calling.

    Cougar (2W, 1M)
    A woman of a certain age arrives at a bar to meet up with her college love but what she finds instead surprises not only her but everyone else, including the broad at the bar.  A young man tracks down the love of his father’s life and works to make her his surprising not only her but also the broad at the bar.

    For Abby (1W, 1M)
     At a writer’s retreat in the mountains, a woman waits for a new friend but when an old one shows up she has to confront a death she has been avoiding for too many years.

    Gorilla (3W, 1M)
    Claire Holden can no longer have sex with her husband Fletcher so they hire a surrogate to be Fletcher’s sex partner. But things take a turn when Fletcher steps over his wife unexpectedly and leaves her wondering how invisible does a woman become when she is no longer sexually viable...when she has aged past cat-calls, wolf whistles and double-takes. Spinning and chest-pounding and much to do about much ensue.

    Ziploc (2W)
    Two sisters, a dead vole, meat from 1990 and mom in the hospital.
    While they attempt to clear their mother’s home of year’s of hoarding, the sisters discover some things about the clutter in their own lives.

    The Revolution of Katey and Bear (1W, 1M)
    A young couple discovers the repercussions of loss and blame. Katey and Michael have everything or so it seems but a decision they made to terminate her pregnancy has left one moving on and one stuck in pain. Michael’s got a knife and Katey a stuffed bear and hammer and neither is backing down.

    Popping Your Skirt and Swimming (2W,1M)
    A kayak, paddle and a broom are held as weapons of choice, and the outside sun is kept at bay. There is celery that has to be wrapped and beds that have to be moved.  The neighbors are taking their house apart piece by piece, and Greg feels trapped inside with only his mother and grandmother. He has more, a wife and child out there where there are teeth gnashing.  Or does he? He has to find out, but how? 


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