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    My short  film, Icarus Stops For Breakfastbased on the short story EATING by Rick Bass has won the Calcutta Cult International Film Festival Best Women Film award, and  The Hollywood Blood Horror Festival award Best Fantasy Short, and The Audience Award Director's Circle Festival

    as well as NYWFT Most Unique/Creative/Fantasy  as well as the Director's Circle of Festival Shorts  Audience Award 

    Here  Director Abigail and I are with one of the producers of the Maine Festival MIFF Karen Young. And clearly, I love my director. 

    I also work with others to create films based on their ideas.

    Everybody has a story.  I will get your story to script.

    I take people’s ideas and I turn them into films.  LipsToScripts

    As a writer, actress, and director I am collaborative by nature. I look forward to working with you on your film, bouncing ideas back and forth like instruments in a jazz band. 

    I will listen to your two sentences to two paragraph pitch for a short narrative and then work with you to bring that pitch to film. The first two of the three short narratives below were two-sentence pitches and the last one a short story that the director wanted to turn into a short narrative.

    Beyond Books

    Severance Pay

    Shared Patio

    For  A TEN minute short
    First 4 initial drafts $500
    additional drafts $30 

    For a Full-Length Feature Film
    First 4 Initial drafts $ 2,000
    Additional Drafts $50

    "Holli understood the characters and realized the story I wanted to tell of love and loss. She wrote the odd and quirky characters with such endearment that everyone could relate to them"

                                                                                                             Director -Stuti Purohit

    "Holli is a kind and inspiring writer, who can make ideas comes to live by the deep and rich characters in her story. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone working in the industry. Holli will embrace your idea and build a beautiful world from it."

    Director Wega Chen

    I am a guest lecturer with the School of Visual arts (SVA) students for the film department.

    IMDB page   Holli Harms