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Everybody has a story. I will get your story to script.

I take people’s ideas and I turn them into films. LipsToScripts As a writer, actress and director I am collaborative by nature. I look forward to working with you on your film, bouncing ideas back and forth like instruments in a jazz band.

I will listen to your two sentence to two paragraph pitch for a short narrative and then work with you to bring that pitch to film. The first two of the three short narratives below were two sentence pitches and the last one a short story that the director wanted to turn into a short narrative.

For A TEN minute short First 4 initial drafts $500 additional drafts $30

For a Full Length Feature Film

First 4 Initial drafts $ 2,000 Additional Drafts $50

"Holli understood the characters and realized the story I wanted to tell of love and loss. She wrote the odd and quirky characters with such endearment that everyone could relate to them"

Director -Stuti Purohit

Contact me to get started on your film.

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